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Author Topic: Omega Watches A Abridgement Annals  (Read 758 times)


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Omega Watches A Abridgement Annals
« on: September 20, 2011, 02:39:41 PM »
Let’s take a look at brief history of omega watches
Synonymous with this country's most famous secret agent, James Bond, Omega is one of the most prestigious and well known brands in the watch world despite it's humble beginnings. The story begins in Switzerland during 1848 and a young man called Louis Brandt. Taking parts from local craftsmen Brandt put together key wound pocket watches and sold them throughout Italy, Switzerland and England. 
Louis died in 1879 after which his two sons took over the business, immediately deciding to take control of production in house after problems with the previous assembly workshop. Shortly afterwards they movedthe omega watchesbusiness into a Biel factory, before moving again in 1882 to a larger factory in Gurzelen; which remains the headquarters for omega watches to this day. 
In 1903 the Brandt brothers died, by which time their business was one of Switzerland's largest watch companies. The eldest of four people who inherited this growing empire, Paul-Emile Brandt, is credited with being the creator and builder of Omega watches as we know them today. His efforts throughout the First World War and the years following to unite Omega and Tissot were successful before also merging the two brands within the SSIH group. 
This group continued to absorb other organisations and give birth to others eventually growing to contain fifty plus companies. Although the 1970s saw the SSIH group as Switzerland's largest watch producer financial complications would plague the group by the turn of the decade and various business transactions and overhauls took place until 1985 when stability was finally reinstated. In 1998 the company was re-branded the Swatch Group and Omega watches continue to be sought after throughout the world. 
omega watchesintroduced the world to co-axial escapement in 1999 after it's invention by George Daniels, an English watchmaker. This design ensures reduced friction with the movement and thereby increases the length of time necessary in between each service and ultimately the lifespan of the watch itself. 
As I mentioned before omega watcheshave also been the watch of choice for James Bond since 1995. In particular Pierce Brosnan's Bond wore the Omega Seamaster from the Goldeneye film of that year. The most recent incarnation of Bond, played by Daniel Craig, also wears the Seamaster in Casino Royale. One final piece of interesting trivia regarding Omega watches is that it is the first brand of watch to land on the moon! Although his original model is now lost Buzz Aldrin wore the Omega Seamaster on his lunar landing mission. 
There have been several limited editionomega watches released, often with tie-ins to the Bond franchise or the moon landing, and as such these pieces are difficult to get your hands on. If you should require one of these or any other model of Omega watch then please don't hesitate to contact us with your requests. Our 25 years of experience gives us the contacts to ensure a thorough and competent search for your watch choice.