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Author Topic: Herve Leger dress is my love  (Read 720 times)


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Herve Leger dress is my love
« on: September 20, 2011, 03:40:59 AM »
There are many famous brand of watch in the world,here we can take a look of six famous watch.
Omega is the most prosperous in China as a Swiss watch, which was mainly by the relatively long history of reliable quality and strong marketing, publicity. Omega early or very good product, it is also the first foreign watch brand to enter the Chinese mainland. The period of 60,70, is undoubtedly the most glorious for Omega. as the first astronauts into space with a watch, Omega had gained a lot of fame and established a global scale of its ""first space watch"" status, and Omi Eggplant was the earliest and best chronometer. In Europe, the high table is expensive to do, sell at high prices, low table is to meet the production of working-class. If the prize different from each other too much, Omega would get none goods. While in mainland China, whether for rich or outbreak ordinary people, have shone on the Omega ....
Longines which was refined as the style in soft Swiss brand. Objectively speaking, Longines is more suitable for general white-collar workers watch, not play, but very gracious, and even the late American film star Audrey. Hepburn and Heng Fuli Bogart is its spokesman.Longines whatch, especially the ultra-thin, is very delicate, personal and inexpensive, usually around 6,7 thousand dollars. It's ""Fleet"" series is also very good, especially the rose gold plus crocodile leather strap style, the style is quite luxurious watch, sells for only about 3 million, it is worth for us to buy.
TAG Heuer .The vanguard of the Swiss sports watch brand, best quality, and movement is leading the trend. Whether the standard or design movement is very good, the price is in, if we identify it with the movement ,it is absolute count high.
Tissot is from a small family workshop started the famous Swiss brand. TISSOT two generations of the family and his son just to pass the winter slack this time and established a small workshop today that has developed into the world's leading watch manufacturer. It really feel the Swiss watch wonders really amazing! Tissot was well praised by white-collar workers, the Europeans that is wearing the watch for beautiful appearance, novel design, and the price is very cheap. It is Usually only low-cost materials Tissot watch, just a few years ago that had designed a 18K gold square watch, price of only 2 million yuan, while the general will get a 1,2 thousand. There is an unique watch called ""T-TOUCH"", using touch-dial, expressing the advanced modern technology. Of course, this watch is equipped with quartz movement.
Juvenia is known as women watch jewelry which is designed more innovative, creative and good at using a lot of diamonds and precious stones. They are basically not suitable for men ...... Ha ha! However, I have seen a production of JUVEN, A particularly the ""tourbillon"" (TOURBILLON) men's watch, 18K gold case, hollow design, black alligator strap, it is very beautiful, but expensive and only suitable for collection of hollow sheet . Also it is not suitable for everyday wear.
Cartiercreated a jewelry Cartier Watch, as a result watch has become gorgeous and delicate. In the past few years, cartier has introduced many Cartier watches which was equipped with self-movement product. Thousands of Swiss watch making in the current enterprise, there is not many brand can self-producing movement of the watch, not many can say whether the movement is the self-produced high-end brands distinguishing from the thousands of ordinary brand is a shortcut. Cartierhave achieved the high prestige certification by Geneva Seal certification which is rather difficult to get the certification for most brand of watches.
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