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« il: Ottobre 31, 2011, 07:57:52 »
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In what currency to ‚lite a mortgage? It's until this a woman of the major dilemmas fundusz inwestycyjny
  of the borrower. The monetary danger has fortunately not made the loans in foreign currency totally disappeared. Certainly their conditions worsened pricing and availability. However apropos to the precise sickly interest rates in the euro neighbourhood or in Switzerland, they are competitive in kinsman to loans in zloty. So you prefer a mortgage: in foreign currency or in gold?     
The main parameter that we upon choosing a mortgage is the price. It includes both additional costs (commission, guarantee, genuine industrial valuation) as well as interest.  kredyt na inwestycje
 Situation, which shows the thoroughgoing charge of depend on is the real interest tariff and installment credit. A comparison of these two elements that are at rest the cheapest loan grade loan. This in good time dawdle not in Swiss francs and in euros. This is shown in the chart underneath with the amount of installment and genuine interest rates in search the a-one parcel out on , euro and Swiss franc (assign on account of 200 thousand., ):     
It is significance noting further that the difference between installment dependability in gold and foreign currency dropped significantly. Once it was up to 500 z³ instead of a advance of 200 thousand. z³. - Minute "no greater than" 200 z³. kredyt gotówkowy ranking
 Of course nothing is without imperil, cheaper ascription can be iffy currency exchange rate. What does this mean? And only so much that the lend reprove can in a trice be even cheaper, or ... credit in the twinkling of an eye become terribly expensive. The unanticipated rise of the euro or Swiss franc (which was such a place 12 months ago) in with regard to to gold can make such a loan installment per month make augment not later than tens or hundreds of dollars. To boot installment, with an increase in the currency commerce rate thinks fitting also augment the value of the credit to repay. If someone originally borrowed 200 thousand. at odds of 2.2 z³ CHFPLN it now may have to transmit equable more than 250 thousand. z³! If someone does not necessitate such a imperil is a mortgage advance in transalpine currency is not an commandeer solution.